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How to correct select ceramic tiles
- May 15, 2018 -

First, the choice of ceramic tiles is better than that of vitrified tiles, because they are wear-resistant, bright and easy to clean. Some people like to use antique tiles,  which has rich colors and personality, but the color of antique tiles are often heavier and hard cleaning.

1.jpg c.jpg 7.jpg

               Ceramic tile                                         Ceramic tile                              Antique tile

Polished ceramic tile specifications selection, if the living room area exceeds 30, 80*80 tiles should be selected, less than this area, the selection of tiles below 60*60 specifications, but not less than 40*40 tiles. Large size tiles can make the room spacious, but large size tiles, if laid on the small ground, will make the size of the room uncoordinated, just like a thin man wearing a large dress, and if the large area of the floor is covered with small tiles, it will be crowded and cumbersome in the room.

HS608GN.jpg HS608GN.jpg

          Size:600x600mm                                          Size:800x800mm

Color choice of ceramic tiles. The indoor requirement is spacious and bright, which makes people feel relaxed and comfortable. So the general light color ceramic tiles are suitable, such as white tile, light colored tile, pure color ceramic tile or slightly patterned ceramic tile. For the owner of high health requirements, the choice of pure color ceramic tiles can reflect the elegance of the master, but it takes more time and energy, because it is not resistant, and it needs to be often clean.

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