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How to choose the color of the tile?
- Mar 08, 2018 -

First, determine the color:

1, the warm color of the ceramic tile will add warmth to your home environment, comfortable feeling. For example, red color can add a luxuriant feel to the interior; brown color makes the interior feel warm, quiet and charming.

2, the cold color tiles gives the feeling of lean and refreshing. Such as blue tiles will bring cool, happy indoor experience; and green will highlight the indoors easily and naturally decorative personality.

3, the middle of the color into the black, white, gray and so is the common color of modern refined decoration, in addition to a structured and elegant, modern strong features can also play a role in conditioning indoor light.

Second, the mastery of color depth:

We all know that any color can be adjusted from light to dark, therefore, in the selection of ceramic tile color but also to consider the depth of color, dark tile contrast is generally applicable to the light-emitting surface, plenty of light in the room; and light color tile shop Installed in poor lighting can be room to play the role of improving indoor brightness; In addition, the selection of ceramic tile color, have to think about it and all the home decoration and wall decoration as well as the color of furniture, To be consistent and harmonious instead of indiscriminate, home decor will be more warm and comfortable.

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