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How to choose the ceramic tile and wooden tile
- May 03, 2018 -

Ceramic tile and wooden tile have each advantages, wooden tile keep warm, ceramic tile feel cold; wood floor is not water resistant, ceramic tile’s water resistance is good. Wooden tile wear-resistant, ceramic tiles easy to scrape flowers. Contrast ceramic tile and wooden tile, their advantages and disadvantages are each half. But for different groups of people, everyone has its own advantages.

In fact, many people hesitate to choose wooden floor tile or ceramic tile when they choosing bedroom building materials.

The advantages of ceramic tiles:

1, the heat and temperature are not easy to deform.

2, the water absorption rate is low, there is no dampness.

3, stable, durable, long life (usually 10-20 years). Fire, waterproof, anticorrosion, antifouling. The later maintenance and maintenance are easy and easy to take care of.

4, materials are environmentally friendly (individual customers will propose radiation problems, it can be explained clearly that ceramic tile radiation coefficient is negligible. Generally speaking, radiation refers to stone, so no stone is commonly used indoors. The range of texture selection is large.

5, many sizes, various matching, personalized paving decoration effect.

Defects of ceramic tiles:

1, winter will feel cold.

2, Tile time is long and changeable, dirty and black, so there are many reasons for the wooden floor.



The advantages of wood flooring:

1, wood has a certain degree of soft, comfortable foot feeling.

2, rich in color texture, natural and beautiful.

3. The installation and construction are simple.

4, the cold in winter, the bedroom has a warm feeling.

The drawback of wood flooring:

1, thermal expansion and cold contraction, composite panels absorb water, especially the southern climate is humid and hot. It is easy to deform and warp after water immersion.



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