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How to choose polished glazed tile
- Nov 10, 2018 -

First, the full polished glazed tile purchase depends on the size of the specification. The size of the qualified glazed tile can provide great convenience for paving and speed up work efficiency. When purchasing, you can carry a household measuring ruler to measure whether the full-glazed tile is a standard size. If it is not up to standard, it is not recommended to buy.

Second, the full polished glazed tiles to buy to see the color lines The finest all-glazed tiles should be glazed bright, soft color, clear lines. When purchasing, you can first place the tiles under normal light for observation. The good quality polished glazed tiles are as bright as the mirror, while the low quality tiles will show great chromatic aberration and more impurities.

Third, the full polished glazed tile purchase depends on the water absorption For the full polished glazed tiles laid in different positions, the requirements for water absorption are also very different. Tiles laid on the wall require high water absorption, while tiles placed on the ground are exactly the opposite. When purchasing, you can drop a drop of water on the back of the sample to see if the water can be quickly absorbed by the tile. The tile that absorbs quickly is suitable as a wall tile, and the slow-absorbing tile is suitable for laying on the ground. Fourth, the full polished glazed tile purchase depends on the wear resistance The wear resistance of the full polished glazed tile is actually reflected in its thickness, its normal thickness is 12mm. When selecting, you can take a sample and let it float. The wear-resistant tile can easily bear the weight of an adult male, but the wear resistance is unbearable.

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