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How to choose and match the polished tiles with different colors?
- May 30, 2018 -

The choice of tiles, we must first determine the overall decoration style

1, The contrast between black and white can increase the sense of structure of the ground level.

HS608GN.jpg HS610GN.jpg

2. Gray series of polished tiles, more cultural taste and nature scenery.

HS649GN.jpg 9.jpg

3, stone color and luster is not only simple and natural, but also thick and rich.

7.png 6389.jpg

4, the red series of polished tiles makes the ground look very special and has a gorgeous feeling.

8.jpg 9.jpg

5 ,beige series make the living room have a magnificent elegance.

w.jpg 10.jpg

6, the blue and green series of polished tiles can easily remind people of the vastness of the sky and the natural wind of the grassland.

7. The polished tiles of the clay and red soil series can be used in the living room and the dining room floor to make people realize the pleasures and comforts of the pastoral style.

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