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How to buy bathroom wall tiles?
- Sep 25, 2018 -

The bathroom has high requirements for waterproofing, especially the bathroom wall tiles, which are more demanding for waterproofing. There are a lot of bathroom wall tiles on the market, and it is easy to buy fake and shoddy products. If you want to avoid buying fakes, you need to know how to buy bathroom wall tiles.

First, the degree of glazing

There is a layer glaze on the surface of the wall tiles, we can identify according to the thickness of the glaze layer. Use a key to gently scrape it. If there is a scratch, it means that the surface is not glazed. If the thin glazed surface is polished, the surface of the brick is not easy to handle, it is easy to hide stains, and it lacks certain safety performance. Some surface unglazed wall tiles, we try not to choose, because the bathroom is a closed and humid environment, the pores on the wall tiles can not spread the water vapor, it will be the breeding and reproduction of bacteria.


Second, the density of bathroom wall tiles

we need to observe the air level on the side, see the surface of the wall tiles with the same thickness of pinholes, when testing the wall tile density, we can gently knock the wall tiles The density, the sound is crisp and pleasing to the wall bricks, such wall tiles are not easy to damage, and it is also easy to clean.


Third, the water absorption rate of the wall tiles

The bathroom is a dark and humid place, the water absorption rate of the wall tiles is also an important thing we consider, the high water absorption rate of the wall tiles is not easy to dry the bathroom. Superior quality wall tiles have low water absorption. After we take a bath or absorb water, the water can be dried quickly, and there will be no damage caused by water on the ground. The simplest method of detection is to drop a drop of water on the north side of the wall tile. We observe the degree of diffusion of the water droplets, and the slow diffusion of the water droplets indicates that the wall tiles have low water absorption and high quality.


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