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How to avoid the empty and shedding of ceramic tiles
- Jun 15, 2018 -

1, the ceramic tile binder is used instead of the cement. The ceramic tile binder is modified cement. By adding a variety of polymer, the performance of the traditional cement is further improved, it has more flexibility and resistance to the old, and the bonding force is 2~3 times of the traditional cement. The principle of bonding is mainly adsorption principle and diffusion principle, and its adaptability is strong. It can be applied to all kinds of base surface for building materials of building materials, such as (tile on tiles, glass tiles, etc.). The ceramic tile binder tile can solve the problem of low water absorbing tile wall.
2, select the pertinent ceramic tile binder. Various ceramic tile products on the market, because of their different firing process, also have different requirements for construction materials. For example, the special adhesive for mosaic is different from the binder used for ceramic tile and stone. Mosaic has different materials, such as glass, ceramics, platinum and so on. Each material has different requirements for the binder's acidity and alkalinity. For large sized Microcrystalline stone and sheet, the requirements for adhesives are obviously different from porcelain tiles and antique tile. Therefore, when choosing the binder for ceramic tile products, we should choose the binder that matches the ceramic tile products.
3, select the good ceramic tile binder. The binder is not very different from ordinary cement in appearance. It is gray and white under normal conditions. To avoid bad business, consumers can identify the quality of the binder from three aspects:
A, through the agitation, with the fingers of cement and adhesive, stickiness, adhesive can be attached to the glass, high water absorbent wood and other basic surfaces, and the cement or poor quality of the binder soon fall off;
B, when the conditions permit, can be coated with adhesive on the inverted base, such as wood, glass, and so on, and then tilt the base, see whether the tile will fall, if not, it is a good ceramic binder.

C, the better the quality of the binder is, the better the performance of the binder is.

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