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How should wood tile be maintained?
- Oct 18, 2018 -

Wood grain tiles are decorative tiles with natural wood texture on the surface. It is because of this characteristic that wood grain tile are popular among consumers; but in life, how to clean and maintain wood grain tile has become a headache for many people.


First, how to clean the wood grain tile

1. Partial cleaning Partially inadvertently stained should be removed in time. If there is oil stain can be wiped with rag or mop, warm water or a small amount of washing powder, you can also use neutral soapy water and a little washing to scrub. If the stain is serious, this method is invalid, and it can be gently wiped with high quality or steel wool.

2, stubborn stains If it is a drug stain, it must be removed before the stain does not penetrate the wooden surface, the cleaning method is to wipe with a soft cloth dipped in wax. If it is still invalid, it must be rubbed with steel wool and furniture wax.

3, burn damage If the surface of the wooden tile layer is burnt by the cigarette butt, use a soft cloth soaked with furniture wax to wipe it back to restore the light. If it is contaminated, it should be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in wax. If it is invalid, it can be wiped with steel wool and furniture wax.

Second, how to maintain wood tiles

Painted wooden tile can't live for a long time. Don't use cloth or cover. After a long time, the paint film will become sticky and lose luster. At the same time, avoid hot water basin, hot rice cooker and other things directly on the wood grain brick surface. Apply wood or grass mat to avoid scalding the paint film.

Third, the wood grain tile remain dry

Keep dry and clean. Do not mop the mop with water or scrub with alkaline water or soapy water to avoid damage to the light and damage the paint film. In case of ash or dirt, use a dry mop or wipe with a wrung wet mop. Wash the wax once a month or two, and wipe off the water vapor and stains before waxing.

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