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How should the mosaic tiles be maintained after renovation?
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Tiles are an indispensable material in home decoration, but there are many types of tiles, and mosaic tiles are widely used. So how should we maintain the mosaic tiles after renovation?


1, clean after renovation

In the process of laying the mosaic tiles, after the bonding layer and the jointing mortar are solidified, the mosaic surface can be cleaned. Two barrels need to be prepared for cleaning, one with a new detergent and one with water, which is convenient for cleaning. Soak the tiles with water and then use a cleaning agent to help wipe the dirt off the tile surface.

2, check the details after renovation

After all the wall surface has been laid, the adhesive layer is dry and the joint is finished. Be sure to check it again. Gently carry the dust left in the seam with a soft brush, then use cement mortar to tighten it. Flatten and then wipe the tile surface clean.

3, do a good job of ventilation after renovation

After the mosaic tile is finished, pay attention to the protection of the finished product and perform proper air drying. However, the mosaic tiles that have just been laid should be protected from direct sunlight, and the indoors should be properly ventilated and kept until 24 hours after delivery.

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