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How about the full polished glazed tile
- Oct 13, 2018 -

Fully polished glazed tiles are currently the selling hotspot on the market, and they stand out in ceramic tiles with good product quality and service. Becoming a leader in ceramic tiles, what advantages does it have compared with ordinary tiles? What are the disadvantages? Introduce the advantages and disadvantages of fully polished glazed tiles.


1. The advantages of fully polished glazed tiles

1) Water absorption and ventilation. It is a crystal wear-resistant glaze, and there is no gap after firing at high temperature. Therefore, it can maintain the light for a long time, does not fade, is strong and wearable, and has uniform texture, stability, fineness and safety. Therefore, all-glazed tiles are often used in home decoration.

2) Beautiful and generous.

In most modern homes, many people prefer to use fully polished glazed tiles for home decoration. As well as the polishing skills of polished tiles, the appearance looks very beautiful, and the effect of decoration is also very elegant and comfortable. In an instant, the home environment is upgraded to a level, which can bring great enjoyment.

2. The disadvantages of fully polished glazed tiles

1) Poor impact resistance.

Fully polished glazed tiles, can not be renovated in the local people, because the full polished glazed tiles are more brittle, decoration in the channel, it is easy to cause the tile to break, so its resistance is relatively poor.

2) The price is expensive.

The texture of the ceramic tile reveals the gorgeous color. There is no such thing as the usual ostentation of the tiles. The texture is natural, the patterns are varied, and the styles are also many. It can satisfy the needs of consumers for home decoration, but the price is better than others. The tiles are expensive and expensive, so this is also a disadvantage.

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