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Glass mosaic background wall
- Jun 01, 2018 -

Glass mosaic is widely used in all kinds of indoor and outdoor decoration, such as bathroom, kitchen wall and hall column, wall around the fireplace, company signs, theme fresco fountain, swimming pool, sauna room, top of the counter, bar, advanced hotel and other public places to decorate. You can also design different styles of foot lines according to customer requirements.


Mirror glass mosaic is a series of glass mosaic. It is a small size color decorated glass. The general specifications are 30 mm x 30 mm, 50 mm * 50 mm. The thickness is 4-6 millimeters. Because of its strong reflectivity, it is commonly used to decorate business entertainment clubs, stage, film and television background walls, etc. Is the current trend of safety and environmental protection building materials. It is considered to be the smallest decoration material, and the possibility of combination changes is very large: the general decoration is paved with pure color or ornament.

It has the advantages of softness, simplicity, elegance, elegant appearance, chemical stability, good heat and cold stability. And there are also no color change, no dust accumulation, light weight, adhesive and other characteristics, mostly for indoor parts, balcony outside decoration. Its compressive strength, tensile strength, bloom temperature, water resistance and acid resistance should meet the national standards.

Mirror surface glass mosaic in business club, Disco dance hall, skating rink, bar, club and so on, especially in the dark environment around the night environment and in the indoor wall, ground application, the luminescence effect is more prominent. In the design and construction, if the auxiliary matching violet light, energy saving lamp, and fluorescent lamp are illuminated, the light is transparent and tranquil and profound. In the night, the architecture itself adds supernormal mystical color and infinite romantic mood.

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Installation method:

1. Make sure the construction surface is neat and clean. After laying the reference line, the adhesive will be smeared on the construction surface.

2. Put the mirror glass mosaic on the surface in order to make sure that each place is compacted and fully integrated with the adhesive.

3, the paper can be torn off every other day or after the adhesive is dried. Moisten the sticker with a sponge and moisten the sticker. After the sticker is completely wet, the paper can be torn.

4. Fill in the seam. Fill the gap with a tool.

5. Cleaning. The wet sponge is used to clean the excess sealant attached to the mosaic and wipe with dry cloth, that is to say, the construction steps are completed.


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