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Flamed glazed mosaic
- Jun 05, 2018 -

According to the surface texture, the mosaic tiles can be divided into: Lightning pattern mosaic, water ripple mosaic, ice crack mosaics and other texture mosaics.

When it comes to changing mosaics, its "kiln change" is reflected in the change of glaze on the mosaic surface. The so-called glaze color, that is, the kiln color glaze. The common glaze is the common glaze. The glazes change with the depth of the color, and the mosaics that come out of the glaze will change accordingly. However, the color change of the kiln is different. When the color glaze is melting at the temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius, this happens. Under the high temperature chemical reaction, the color glaze changes with the temperature of the kiln, changes all kinds of color and texture, and makes each mosaic show a unique pattern, showing its unique artistic charm, giving people an unexpected surprise!


From the perspective of the appearance of the mosaic, the color of the glaze is bright, the surface texture is rich, and the variety of the kiln is varied. It looks very elegant. When the water wave mosaic is laid in the swimming pool, when the pool is filled with water, the swimming pool will become more dynamic when the water waves are matched with the swaying pool water. Choose the lightning mosaic mosaic in the swimming pool. Far away, the bottom of the pool will show a pattern of changes like lightning, making the pool more three-dimensional. Now, the mosaic is becoming more and more popular. It is also widely used in villas swimming pools, hotel swimming pools, fitness clubs and so on.

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