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Difference between glazed polished tile and polished tile
- Mar 26, 2018 -

Difference between glazed polished tile and polished tile

1.Polished tile is forming at high temperature and high pressure, and then grinding and polishing by high speed and high precision equipment.

Glazed polished tile is dipping a layer of glaze colored on the tile’s surface after it’s forming. Low hardness, it’s surface is not smooth and bright than polished tile, but has strong anti-fouling performance

2.Glazed polished tile is more colorful than the polished, and the degree of simulation is high. Glazed polished tile is combining the advantages of the antique and polished tiles. It’s polishing the tile surface on the basis of the glazed tile.

3.The most different is the adobe: the polished tile is infiltrating the color into the tile body, So the color of the 1-2mm adobe below the surface is the same as the surface.

But the glazed polished tile is completely different, it will not infiltrate the tile at all. If the surface has only one layer of a very bright color, it must be glazed polished tile.

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