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detailed explanation of the glazed tile technology!
- Nov 07, 2018 -

Fully polished glazed tile, which combines the advantages of polished tiles and antique tiles. It is elegant and fashionable. It is a kind of building material. It has a rich pattern of antique tiles and a smooth surface of polished tiles. Many consumers like it, but it is not perfect. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of fully polished glazed tiles.


1, the full glazed tile advantages, the full polished glazed tiles and antique tiles, with a variety of gorgeous retro, colorful patterns, old and elegant craftsmanship, quietly decorated on the wall of the living room, and European coffee table or TV cabinet Together, it creates an extremely luxurious and refined living room atmosphere.

2.the surface of the fully polished glazed tile is polished to have a polished and polished surface. The special crystal wear glaze is not only denser and brighter after being fired at a high temperature, but also hard and wearable. The surface of the tile is as warm and radiant as the water surface of the undulations. The antique pattern under the glaze presents a “visible, intangible” personality texture, which is particularly clear and full of personality.

3,the ordinary polished tiles are used for a long time, the color will become dim, and the glaze layer of the antique brick surface is thin, and the surface pattern is also easy to wear. However, the special glazed ceramic tile has a thick glaze and is not easy to wear. It can better protect the tile pattern and has a very long service life compared to polished tiles and antique tiles.

the full polished glazed tile profile is also the same, but the difference is that it is based on the antique brick, and also choose a special glaze, the glaze of this glaze finish can be polished Process processing, so that the full polished glazed tile has the characteristics of retro and elegant antique brick, and has a polished and smooth surface of polished tiles, and is matched with the antique brick pattern under the glaze, which is low-key and luxurious, and visually Extremely full and full of layers.

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