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Decorate with full cast glaze to make the space more perfect
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Compared with the traditional tiles, the glazed polished tile is obviously superior in performance. From the perspective of appearance, the glazed polished tile is made of high-grade crystal wear-resistant glaze. After high temperature sintering, crystal molecules are completely closed, which can keep the brick surface durable, glossy and bright. Because the hardness of the glaze is high, the density is large, it is also very labor-saving to clean up, and it does not need too complicated procedure at all. the glazed polished tile adopts unique texture making technology, and its color is clear and distinguishable. Under the action of light, it appears more texture, high quality and transparent space.

1 (1).jpg 7 (2).jpg 7.jpg


glazed polished tile is also more competitive in style. In the current situation that China's ceramic industry is generally faced with the problem of homogeneity of products, ceramics have made a small breakthrough in the design of flowers and styles. The launch of the ceramic crystal jade treasures, good giants rock polished glazed products widely, style novel color, have a good ability to show simple European style, classical style, natural realism style of decoration, by our many customers decoration of high-grade ceramic tile. For example, the picture above is the best display of the decorative effect of the full glaze of ceramic glaze. In this space, the Yellow glazed polished tile shows a magnificent and honorable, impressive. The layout of large space with colorful tiles is more elegant and full, making the room has a kind of extravagant temperament that can not be ignored.



In order to ensure the excellent decorative effect and beautiful and beautiful picture, ceramics tiles were specially processed by 5D HD inkjet technology, which greatly enhanced the color sense of all thrown glaze, and showed the exquisite, pure and aesthetical visual sense of modern ceramic industry.

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