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Dark tile is good or light tile is good for bathroom?
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Ceramic tiles play a very important role in Modern Toilet decoration. Choosing improper selection of toilet tiles will affect the overall use effect of toilet. So how to choose the bathroom tiles to match it?

If you want to put on a unique bathroom, the colors of the bathroom tiles must be chosen correctly. The perfect matching of the bathroom tiles can make the bathroom look more orderly and beautiful. The small area bathroom can choose glass ceramic tile on the ceramic tile choice, this kind of tile has the expansion space effect, causes the entire space to appear not so depressed. The color of tile can choose light colored wall tiles. The light colored wall tiles also have the effect of expanding the space, so that the bathroom has good decorative effect.


Medium area toilet, wall tile color can choose warm color, can be used in large area. Also can be small area stick, the other wall paste cold color wall tile. The color of the wall tiles can be selected beige. Large area bathroom can choose the dark color from wall, but in the middle to collocate the light color waist line or at the bottom collocation kicking tile, this will not make the whole wall too dull; floor tiles color can choose the same color as wall tiles, but the sanitary ware color must be light colored, so that the overall effect will become honorable atmosphere.


White is the most common color in bathroom, it appears clean and bright, and is consistent with people's needs for bathroom. In the bathroom, it is best not to use big red and golden yellow. The floor of the toilet also needs ceramic tiles, so the color and collocation of the ground tiles, the color of the floor tile of the toilet needs to be relative to the color of the wall tiles, so as to better match the theme color of the whole space.

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