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Construction technology standard for wall tiles
- Jul 16, 2018 -
  1. The construction preparation of ceramic tiles on the wall surface:
    (1) material requirements:
    1, cement: 325 Portland Portland cement or slag Portland cement. There should be factory certificate or reexamination list. If the factory is over three months, it should be used according to the test results.
    2, white cement: 325 white cement.
    3. Sand: coarse sand or medium sand, sifting before using.
    4, ceramic tile, ceramic brocade brick: should surface smooth, color consistent, each Zhang Changkuan specifications are uniform, size is correct, edge neat, one approach. The time of paper removal for brocade bricks should not be more than 40min. 5. Lime paste: apply bulk quicklime to the drench. When drenching, the sieve must not be larger than 3mm * 3mm, and stored in the sedimentation tank. The curing time is usually less than 15d at room temperature, and should not be less than 30d when used for covering. When used, the lime paste should not contain any particles and other impurities that are not mature.
    6, quicklime powder: the lime paste used for plastering can be replaced by fine lime powder, and its fineness should be passed through 4900 hole /cm2 sieve. When used for cover, the curing time should not be less than 3D.
    7, paper reinforcement: use white paper or straw paper, and use water for three weeks before it is mashed. Use small steel to grind fine with time. 8, polyvinyl formal, and mineral pigments.
    2.main machine tools:
    Scale, iron plate, aperture 5mm sieve, window screen, cart, large bucket, small water bucket, shovel, wooden spade, steel plate (1mm thick), open knife or steel sheet (20mm x 70mm x LMM), iron level, square, ruler board, bottom ruler (3000 ~ 5000mm x 40mm x 10 ~ 15mm), large bar, bar, bar, small bar, ash slot, Gray spoon, brush, brush, brush of chicken leg, fine wire brush, broom, big hammer, pink wire bag, small line, cloth or cotton silk, tigers pliers, small shovels, alloy steel chisels, small table grinding wheels, seam slips, sewing board, wire board, line pendant, box ruler, nails, red pencils, lead wire, tool bag and so on.

    3.operating conditions:
    1. According to the requirements of the design drawings, the ceramic brocade bricks with the same color and the same specifications are selected in advance in accordance with the specific methods and quantities of the buildings.
    2. Reserved holes and drainage pipes should be disposed of. The doors and windows frames and fans should be fixed well, and 1:3 mortar cement mortar will be used to block the gaps. The caulking materials used for aluminum alloy doors and windows frame side seam should meet the design requirements, and plugging tightly, and paste the protective film in advance. 3, scaffolding or hanging basket early support, the best choice of two rows of shelves (outdoor top should use a basket, multilayer can also use bridge type rack and so on), its vertical cup and pull rod should be from the door and door angle of 150 to 200mm. The height of the rack should be in accordance with the construction requirements. 4, the wall base should be cleaned and the eyes will be blocked.
    5, before the large area construction should be a sample, after the completion of the sample, must be certified by the quality inspection department, but also through the design, Party A, the construction unit jointly identified. The construction of the organizing team is required by the sample board.

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