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Comparison of the glass material and ceramic material for swimming pool
- May 02, 2018 -

The material of the swimming pool is very particular. The material used in the swimming pool is mainly stone, glass and ceramics. The swimming pool is most suitable for small size.
Mosaics can be made into a mixture or pattern and placed in a swimming pool to give people a sense of the sea. Among the three materials, the material characteristics are the best, firm and skid proof, but the natural stone is not blue, and the cost is too high. If it is to cut into natural stone mosaic, the price is more acceptable to ordinary people.

LMD032T.jpg Lpy039a.jpg

So most of the pools we usually see are paved with ceramic mosaics and glass mosaics. Because they are calcined through the kiln, and have planned production, so the price is much cheaper than the stone. Now let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic mosaic and glass mosaic.

What kind of mosaic material is good for swimming pool

Mosaics are mostly used in swimming pools. Therefore, it is recommended to use high safety and durable materials.

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