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Comparison of ceramic tiles and wall tiles
- May 25, 2018 -

1. Use different range

Wall tiles are ceramic tiles (glazed tiles) that are most suitable for wall. Ceramic tiles refer to tiles with porcelain tiles, while porcelain tiles refer to thin layer patches with porcelain surface on walls.

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2, Different classification and thickness

Wall tiles are thin wall patches with porcelain surface on the walls, while floor tiles refer to tiles with porcelain tiles. The most obvious difference between wall tiles and ceramic tiles is that the thickness is different, the thickness is obviously different, the ceramic tiles are thick, and the wall tiles are thin.

3, the surface requirements are different

Wall tiles and ceramic tile surface requirements are also different, the more smooth the better for wall tiles, and ceramic tile requires a certain degree of skid resistance.

4, the internal texture is different

Ceramic tiles and wall tile in the internal texture of the requirements are also different, ceramic tiles are not required for the existence of bubbles, wall tiles require the best internal bubbles. Because of bubbles, wall tiles are easily frozen and cracked. Wall tiles should belong to the whole body ceramics, but they are not bricks, but belong to pieces. Ceramic tiles are porcelain and are made of porcelain clay.

5. Different lifespan

The life of wall tiles is very limited, and the average service life is about seven years. The water absorption of wall tiles on the market is generally over 10%, and cracks are easily occurred or cracked even for a long time. When purchasing tiles, consumers can identify whether they are wall tile or ceramic tile by weight. Generally speaking, wall tiles are lighter, and ceramic tiles are much heavier than wall tiles.

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