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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between antique tile and vitrified tile
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Which one is good between the antique tile and the vitrified tile?

Generally speaking, the vitrified tile is suitable for modern, simple and lively style, and the antique tile is more suitable for European, Mediterranean, American pastoral, Chinese style, and more heavy color.

Antique tile: the archaize tile in the general sense now refers to the glazed tile, which is composed of two parts of the embryo body and glaze, which is glazed on the surface of the tile embryo body and burned through high temperature and high pressure.

Vitrified tiles: ceramic tiles with mirror gloss after mechanical polishing and polishing.

Comparison of the performance of two kinds of tiles

The main advantages of vitrified tile are hardness, wear resistance, high bending strength and lower water absorption. Vitrified tile has another outstanding advantage, that is, vitrified tile has very good reprocessing performance.

The main advantages of antique tiles are patterns, rich colors, strong sense of hierarchy, and emphasis on collocation.



The misunderstanding of the two kinds of tiles at present

A and misunderstandings of vitrified tiles

Misunderstandings 1: vitrified tiles are not antiskid

In fact, this is incorrect, and the skid resistance of vitrified tiles is better.

Misunderstanding two: osmosis of vitrified tiles

Because the vitrified tiles are all burned by the earth's embryo and the soil, but no matter how high pressure, the particle lapping is fine, but the arrangement structure is larger than the water molecule, so there will be the possibility of infiltration.

Misunderstandings three: vitrified bricks are common bodies

Vitrified tiles are not necessarily all body, but now the most common ones in vitrified tiles are pure white super white bricks. The glazed tiles of the whole body only account for a small part of the vitrified tiles. Most of them are not common.

The misunderstandings of B and antique bricks

Misunderstandings: ant antique tiles are not wearable

The antiwar property of the antique tile is much different than that of the vitrified tile, but it does not affect the use, especially the use of the family decoration. As far as its wear resistance is concerned, it can fully meet the needs of the family.

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