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Common sense of mosaics in toilet
- May 07, 2018 -

Antiskid, wearable, water resistant, extremely strong plasticity and rich colors make mosaics indissoluble from bathroom. Anti slip, wear resistant, full color, good water absorption, this is the most important reason for consumers to choose mosaics.
Material classification
Ceramic mosaic: without any modification, it can retain rough surface. If glaze is fired, a smooth surface will be formed. Ordinary ceramic mosaic has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, wearable and easy to clean, but its plasticity is not strong, mostly for external walls and kitchen and toilet.

LMD002T.jpg LMD020T.jpgLMD024T.jpg

Marble mosaic: the texture of natural marble is varied and the decoration effect is very strong. The color and variety are extremely rich, and can be organically combined into different styles through different colors. Its scope of use is also very extensive, such as hotel lobby, aisle, bathroom and so on.
Glass mosaic: glass mosaic is the safest building material. It is made of natural minerals and glass with light quality, acid resistance, alkali resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. It is an outstanding environmental protection material.


Glass mosaics have two basic characteristics: transparency and reflection two. Its color is very bright, and it has better graphics effect. Its dreamy color gives people a clean and clear enjoyment. It can be widely used in bathroom and swimming pool, but it is not wear-resistant and seldom used in general ground.

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Purchase reminder
The size of each particle is the same, the size of each piece is the same, the edge of each small particle is neat, the single mosaic is placed on the horizontal surface to check the level, and whether the back of the monolithic mosaic has a thick latex layer on the back. Such
The process should be rigorous first to touch the glaze, it can feel its anti skid degree; then look at the thickness, thickness determines the density, high density, low water absorption rate; finally, look at the texture, the inner layer of the inner glaze is usually good quality mosaic. The water drops to the back of the mosaic and the quality of the water drops to the bottom, and the inferior quality of the downward infiltration.

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