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Cleaning of rustic tile in the kitchen
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Rustic tile Maintenance knowledge introduction

Rustic tiles are often stained with greasy, water embroidered and soapy dirt, especially in the joints of ceramic tiles. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the maintenance.

One, correct decontamination

Sometimes, antique tiles can be contaminated by liquid such as ink and vinegar. First of all, they should be dealt with immediately, and professional decontamination agents should also be adopted.

Two, antique tile cleaning matters needing attention.

1 daily cleaning can be used for household cleaning.

2 the mixture of soap and a little ammonia or an equivalent amount of linseed oil and turpentine has a stronger detergency and can make the tiles more shiny.

3 if a strong dye solution, such as strong tea or ink, is sprinkled on the brick surface, it should be scrubbed immediately.

4 regular waxing for tiles, lasting 2-3 months.

5 if there are a few scratches on the brick surface, apply toothpaste at the scratches, wipe them with soft dry cloth, and clean the scratches.

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Three. Daily cleaning and maintenance

1. After construction, clean the ground with a vacuum cleaner, remove the liquid, and dry it with clean cloth.

2. Antique tiles are highly resistant to contamination. They are usually cleaned with water and standard neutral detergent.

3, if you are carelessly stained with stubborn stains, please choose the appropriate cleaning agent.


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