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Characteristics of luminous mosaic
- Jun 09, 2018 -

Luminous mosaic is the perfect combination of luminescent materials and traditional decoration. By adding luminescent materials such as luminous powder and luminous powder in the raw material of mosaic, the luminescent mosaic material that absorbs energy during the day and radiates energy in the way of fluorescence in the night. The luminescence time of the luminescent mosaic material lasts for several hours to dozens of hours, and is used in the wall decoration and ground decoration of the swimming pool, the science and Technology Museum, the theater, the TV Tower, the kindergarten and so on.



The luminous mosaic, which has the general characteristics of general mosaic material. Mosaic is a kind of decorative art. It is usually used by many small stones or colored glass fragments, which are used in many medieval buildings, especially the most famous in the Byzantine era. Because of the small size of the mosaic material and the light mosaic material, there are many kinds of colors, so it has an infinite combination. By the design of the designer, the mosaic and luminescent mosaic material can show unique artistic features.

The luminous mosaic produced by phosphor powder has its own unique advantages in inheriting the general functions of mosaic materials. The luminous mosaic and nocturnal mosaic are made of noctilucent materials with non-toxic and non side effects. By adding different color nocturnal materials, the luminescent mosaic can show different luminous effects. After ingenious collocation, the luminous mosaic has good artistic expressiveness at night. In addition, in some occasions requiring warning or guidance, people can also use light-emitting mosaic to achieve the purpose, not only beautiful, but also energy saving and environmental protection.



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