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Ceramic tile basic forming method
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Ceramic tile molding can be divided into "dry pressing brick" and "extruded brick" two ways, and now we introduce these two ways.

Ceramic tile dry pressing molding

"Dry pressing brick" refers to the production process using dry pressing process, the processed raw materials are made of semi-dry powder (water

Points about 6-10%), and then use automatic brick pressing machine, pressed into a clay blank, and then fired, using this technology to produce products

Called "dry compression molding brick." At present, the production of composite tiles, polished tiles, antique tiles, interior wall tiles, glaze and other ceramic products are all dry-pressed ceramic tiles. Dry pressing molding process can play presses cloth, printing machines and other products in the process of technology and color innovation, change, color variety is very rich.

Extrusion molding of ceramic tiles

"Extruded brick" refers to the production process using the extrusion process, the raw materials have been processed wet muddy group (about 20-23% moisture), and then use the extruder, the extrusion of the mud, cut into bricks , and then firing, the product produced by this process is called "extruded brick."

At present, "compressed bricks" on the market include split bricks and bricks.

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