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Antique tile use area and purchase sense
- Sep 21, 2018 -

Room decoration the with antique tile. The antique floor tile have the advantages of non-slip, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high strength. The antique tiles are actually modeled after the tile in ancient times. It can be used to decorate to create a classical charm. Meet the current nostalgic style.


First, the use of antique tile

1, using antique tiles in the decoration of the bathroom, this will make the bathroom more bright and more distinctive, antique tiles tile have the advantage of anti-slip, and practical.

2, antique tiles are also used in the balcony, antique bathroom tiles on the balcony is more advantageous than polished tiles, first good-looking, and wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

3, the ancient tiles can also be used for the sofa background wall, carved out with a water knife, in the case of not spraying paint, the historical taste is stronger than the polished tile, and unique temperament.

Second, the antique tiles purchase sense

1. The antique tile is not as thick as possible. It mainly depends on the texture of antique floor tile. At present, the development direction of ceramic tile is light, thin, strong, durable and individual.

2, antique tile non-slip, antique tile high finish, brick surface flatness, so antique tile is a good choice.

3, antique tiles are also easy to clean, because antique tiles belong to matt tiles, most of the antique ceramic floor tile surface is specially treated, easy to clean.

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