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All glazed tiles are antiskid?
- May 05, 2018 -

All two kinds of tiles, full glaze tile and polished tile, are literally thrown from the literal view, and the subconscious will feel the surface of the tile is very smooth, and the glaze has a feeling of personal smoothness. So does it prevent skidding?

1. The appearance and hand feeling of all glazed tiles

The full glaze ceramic tile appearance gives a smooth and bright feeling, the stone under the glaze cleaning nature, the texture and the upper transparent glaze blend, if the glue covered cake, with the mirror effect, touch, smooth and bright with hand.


2, Making process of full glazed polished tile

Full glazed tile is a kind of glazed tile, which has almost no gap. It can keep bright and dark for a long time, hard and wear-resistant, more than 6 degrees, and water absorption rate below zero point five percent. It is more uniform, compact, stable and safe than natural stone. Because the moisture content is very low, it is often used in the bathroom or kitchen floor.

3,The structure of full glazed tile

It is precisely because the whole cast glazed tile has low moisture content, dense, stable, and is not easy to change color, so it is often recommended as a bathroom floor tile. And the tiles used in the bathroom are very concerned about its skid resistance. Let's analyze whether it has skid resistance.  

4. The difference between the full glazed tile and the polished tile

All glazed tiles are made more environmentally friendly, because glaze layer burns faster and energy consumption is lower, and the energy consumption of polishing glaze is lower than that of polishing, and the output is higher.

The polishing tile needs a thicker surface than the full glaze, because after this process, the polishing tile has to be polished and a part of the surface will be thrown. And full cast glaze products can be polished and not polished, after burning ceramic tiles after high temperature, the pattern coloring texture is the dialysis color, not the rough pattern on the surface of the ordinary tiles, but the special coloring lines that can be seen and felt, colorful, varied and natural.


In fact, it is not difficult to understand here. The glazed tiles are not skid resistant, especially when there is water on the surface. Its skid resistance is not even better than that of polished tiles, of course, the difference is very small.

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