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Advantages of marble mosaic and purchase considerations
- Nov 16, 2018 -

marble mosaic advantages and purchase considerations

Marble mosaic is a popular type of ceramic tile on the market. It is widely used in the decoration of wall and floor. What are the advantages and options for marble mosaic?

carrara marble mosaic1

First, the advantages of marble mosaic

1. The cost of marble mosaic is relatively cheap.

2. It is safer to use than other tiles.

3, the marble mosaic's material characteristics make it easy to process.

Second, marble mosaic purchase notes

1, the specifications should be neat

When purchasing, pay attention to whether the particles are of the same size and size. Whether the edge of each small particle is neat or not, the single piece of mosaic is placed on the horizontal floor to check whether it is flat, and whether there is too thick latex layer on the back of the single piece of mosaic.

2, the process must be rigorous

The first is to touch the glaze, you can feel its anti slip; then look at the thickness, the thickness determines the density, the density is high, the water absorption rate is low; it is the texture, the middle layer glaze is usually a good quality mosaic.

3, the water absorption rate is low

This is the element to ensure the durability of the mosaic, so we must also check the water absorption rate, the water drops to the back of the mosaic, the quality of the water droplets spilling out is good, and the quality of the infiltration is inferior.

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