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advantages of glazed polished tile
- Mar 23, 2018 -

Advantages of glazed polished tile

At present, in the domestic ceramic tile market, the best seller is still fully glazed tile. Many people are attracted

by its "appearance" charm. There is more industry consensus that the all fired glazed tiles combine the advantages

of antique brick and polished tile well. Comparing with other tiles, decorating furnishing home is the best choice.

Here, we interpret the merits and demerits of full cast glaze for you, and hope to be helpful for you to decorate the tile


What is full glazed tile?

Full polished glazed tile is a combination of polished tiles and antique tiles in the integration of the tiles, using the

polishing technology of polished tiles, so that the surface of the full polished glazed tile is more bright and smooth,

and also uses the artistic atmosphere of antique tiles, so that all throw The glazed ceramic tiles are rich in patterns

on the surface, with various layers and rich colors.

1. The advantages of full polished glazed tiles:

Beautiful all-match: full polished glazed tile surface is bright, uniform color, rich patterns, highly personalized design,

can be a variety of home decoration;



2. High grade and exquisite: the pattern of full glazed tile looks very detailed and unique, without rough sense,

and the pattern is rich and varied.

3. long service life: full glazed ceramic tile surface crystal wear-resistant glaze, can keep light for a long time,

not fade, wear resistance


4.Absorbent and breathable: All polished glazed tiles have very good air permeability and low water absorption.

Compared to other natural materials, the tile has a uniform, stable, dense and safe texture.



Full glazed tile appearance is rich, very practical, especially the service life can reach several decades or so, how to buy a good and excellent quality, and has a higher hardness, better wear resistance, impact resistance, high pass Sensitive full polished glazed tile, I believe you have been inspired.

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