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Advantages and disadvantages of wood tile flooring, how to clean wood tiles
- Apr 04, 2018 -

Polished concrete diamond drill stone is seamless, casted on site, seamless, that is no bacteria, it appears high-end atmosphere, it can also release negative oxygen ions, make people relaxed and happy, wear-resistant anti-slip products, the service life of up to 20 years. The composition of the product is composed of Natroter's anionic cement mortar, concrete seal curing agent and silk-cured concrete sealing curing agent. It is made of pure cement and can be made into S streamline shape. Compared with marble and ceramic tile, it consumes resources and consumes. Energy, environmental pollution, marble and ceramic tiles are also radioactive.

First, the advantages and disadvantages of wood tiles

(A), wood tile advantages

1. Wood tile is longer and cheaper than wood floor. However, it is more expensive than ordinary ceramic tile, but most families are acceptable, and not in use. Need to deliberately go to maintenance, do not have periodic waxing like wooden floor, comprehensively speaking it is a cost-effective and convenient and convenient ground decoration product choice.

2, wood tiles have multiple style texture choices, can be used in different spaces to expand the use of imitation wood tiles can not only be used in the bedroom and living room decoration, for the wooden floor can not touch the kitchen bathroom space can also be used, It can be seen that its use is even more powerful.

3, wood grain type in the tile, imitation wood tiles have porcelain glazed, glazed frosted, glazed semi-polished, glazed polished, flat / convex surface, etc., Advisory: www.snt123.com. Different crafts create different textures; plus a variety of patterns, shapes and colors, consumers choose more style and texture than the wood floor is also more abundant.

4. The wood tile is wear-resistant and waterproof. The cleaning and maintenance are simple and convenient. The surface of the imitation wood brick is waterproofed. If there is dust contamination, it can be directly wiped with water. At the same time, the imitation wood tile also has strong anti-pollution ability. Under normal circumstances, Water and standard neutral detergents can be used for cleaning. Cleaning and maintenance are easier than wood floors. Fireproof, formaldehyde-free and environmentally friendly safe to use.

(II) Disadvantages of Wood Tiles Compared to real wood floors, the patterns of imitation wood tiles are too regular and somewhat rigid. Tiles use a long time, there will be black seams, floor tiles and floor tiles because of dirt and get more and more black, affecting the appearance. There is a broken floor tile that needs to be replaced, and the wooden floor can be replaced monolithically.


Second, how to clean wood floor tiles?

1. Wood floor tiles combine the excellent characteristics of wood floors and tiles. Wood floor tiles are an enamel surface with a realistic wood grain pattern. It will not be as variably water-like, faded or intolerable as wood floors. Such as grinding, but moisture and corrosion, easy to clean, wear-resistant, acid and alkali, green, long service life, do not need to periodically waxing and maintenance as wooden products.

2, wood floor tile is a kind of antique brick, mostly matte brick, better slip resistance, more suitable for the elderly, children's family. In addition, the use of wood floor tiles is not limited to the living space, bedrooms, study rooms, stairs, which are commonly used wood floor space, can also be used for shops, collection rooms, and even balconies, bathrooms, kitchens and so on.

3, in the decoration effect, wood floor tiles to inkjet, embossed, mold or Shen glaze and other technologies to produce a vivid and vivid copy of the wooden pattern, so that the product as a natural show elegant and elegant style effect, creating a comfortable and pleasant bedroom surroundings.


Cleaning ceramic tiles is not always easy. Different styles of tiles have different cleaning methods. And many details need our attention, if the details do not pay attention, it will also affect the appearance

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