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Advantages and disadvantages of wood grain tile
- Aug 28, 2018 -

In the current home decoration, wood floor and tile are still the two most popular floor decoration materials. Now there is a new type of material-wooden tile, which can combine the texture of wood and the hardness of the tile, not only make our home more beautiful, but also make our cleaning easier.


First, the advantages of wood grain brick

 1, healthy and environmentally friendly formaldehyde-free wood grain tiles have good thermal conductivity and no formaldehyde. If the floor heating is installed in the home, the use of wood grain bricks will have unexpectedly good results. In this case, you don't have to worry about the delicate of wood floor, nor the formaldehyde of the wood laminate floor.

2, combined with the advantages of wood flooring and tiles.

Wood grain bricks not only have the natural soft wood texture of the wood floor, but also inherit the advantages of easy to clean and easy to maintain. Wood grain bricks can be cleaned with a mop regularly, and there is no need to wax as the wood floor.

3, long service life

Wood brick tile almost inherited the advantages of all the tiles, it has the advantages of waterproof, moisture, friction, acid and alkali resistance, and can be used in the kitchen and bathroom. Wood grain tile is one of the antique bricks, and its life span is very long.


Second, wood tile disadvantages

1. High technical requirements for paving. Wood-grain bricks need to be seamed. The size of the gap between the tiles needs to be grasped by the constructor. The choice of tile grout color also requires special attention, choose the color similar to the tile, otherwise it will be easy to break the work.

2, not natural enough Wood texture on the wood grain brick is not as natural as the real wood floor, but it will be slightly stiff. In addition, when the wood grain bricks are laid, it is necessary to leave a seam, and the gap is easy to be dirty for a long time, and black seams appear to affect the look and feel.

3, not comfortable enough Wood brick is a kind of tile after all, so the touch of wood grain brick is still relatively chilly.

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