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Advantages and disadvantages of rustic tile
- Jun 21, 2018 -

First, the advantages of the rustic tile

1, the decoration effect is good: the rustic tile, as its name implies, is rich in antique flavor. Because of its surface texture, such as pattern, wood, rock and other patterns, it looks not easily distinguishable from the object, and the effect of the vicissitudes is good.

2, wear non slip effect: rustic tiles surface with different maximum is rough texture, wear non slip effect is very good, practical performance can be fully utilized, which is frequently used in the bathroom or kitchen in public places.

3, antifouling performance is good: because the antifouling tile surface has a thick layer of glaze, using a time of dirt to facilitate timely cleaning, especially in the kitchen such a place of dirt, the selection of antifouling ant antique tile is a good choice, and the surface of the polishing brick surface is seriously polluted, the time must be changed in time, and the rustic tile is made. Time is relatively longer.

4, paving pattern more: rustic tiles because of its complete variety, colorful, color expressive force is strong, most used in special decoration, such as the floor of the toilet, the basin or the living room, the balcony ground and other places with the antique tile cutting after cutting out beautiful patterns.

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Second. The shortcomings of the rustic tile

1, strong water absorption: rustic tile because of its surface with a thick layer of enamel, so in water absorption than polished tiles, but this kind of performance if used in the bathroom, the kitchen, is its insufficient place.

2, as the polished brightness: rustic tile surface texture more, even uneven, which will cause the reflection properties of light absorption is not good, the light is more, and is not polished brightness effect in the same light conditions.

3, small size, laying up more trouble because of antique brick are mostly used for special decoration parts, in order to ensure its flexible use, so in size compared to the small number of tiles, this also resulted in laying is complicated, waste time and labor.

4, easy cutting style: antique tile surface with a layer of glaze, compared with polished tiles, not easy to deep processing of angle grinding, chamfering etc. when cutting style, the slightest mistake could damage the tile

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