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Advantages and Disadvantages of Full Glazed Tiles. How to Choose Indoor tiles?
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Tiles are one of the most important building materials in our interior decoration. The floors in our home are almost all made of ceramic tiles. As our demand has increased, the material of the tiles has been constantly updated, and a variety of styles have emerged, which has brought us better interior decoration effects. Among the many existences, all-glazed tiles are a very good choice. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of fully polished glazed tiles? Do you know what? What kind of interior decoration effect can we use?

First, the advantages introduced

The full polished glazed tile adopts the polishing technology of polished tiles, which makes the surface of the fully polished glazed tile more bright and smooth. In the use of the atmosphere of antique tile, the surface pattern of the full polished glazed tile is rich, the layers are diversified, and the color is gorgeous and thick. Very antique. The full-glazed tile body does not need high-quality raw materials, and the surface layer can have a glaze layer of about 0.5-1 mm. The polished bricks also need 2-3mm of fine material; the simulation of the polished glazed brick pattern is easy to do and the cost is low. The all-glazed tile is made more environmentally friendly, and the glaze has lower energy consumption and higher yield than polishing.

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Second, the introduction of shortcomings

the glazed tile glazed surface is too thick, it is easy to generate a large number of bubbles during firing, so that the product can be used to prevent pollution after throwing. Poor, loss of light; while the glaze layer is too book, the glazed tiles are always deformed, and it is easy to cause leakage or partial exposure when polishing.

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Third, the specification selection

The full-glazed tile is different from the ordinary polished tile. The glaze on the surface is a special crystal wear-resistant glaze. After high-temperature sintering, the molecules are completely sealed. It can last for a long time, and the brightness is not dimmed. The tile becomes more bright. More beautiful, bright and magnificent. The size specifications of fully glazed polished tiles are generally: 250*300mm, 300*300mm, 300*400mm, 300*450mm, 300*500mm, 300*600mm, 400*400mm, 500*500mm, 600*600mm600*900, 1000 *1000mm, etc., thickness is about 10mm.

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