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4.6Luminous pool mosaic, luminous glass mosaic, swimming pool luminous mosaic
- Apr 05, 2018 -

Luminous pool mosaic:

  1, no power, all-night light, energy saving and environmental protection!


Under natural light, it looks like an ordinary mosaic, with pale yellowish green, white and other colors. In the darkness, it is yellow-green, blue-green, sky-blue and other colors.


Subsequent light absorption in the darkness can be done in 8-12 hours, and energy saving and environmental protection can achieve low light illumination. Size: 25mm*25mm*4mm, 11.3 pieces per square meter, each piece size is 297mm*297mm. 2, transparent light, quiet and deep, the night to add extraordinary mysterious colors for the building itself and unlimited romance! Swimming pools, science and technology museums, theaters, television towers, kindergartens, playgrounds (horror houses), flower terraces, courtyards, temples and temples, furniture, bathroom, Disco dance hall, ice rink, bars, clubs, etc., especially at night In the case of black and indoor wall and floor applications, the luminous effect is even more prominent. In the design and construction, if the auxiliary matches the purple light, the energy-saving lamp, the fluorescent lamp to carry on the targeted irradiation, after just turning off the light, the building itself will have the jadeite jade general crystal clear feeling, the transparent light, the quiet squat, the night adds to the building itself Extra mysterious and infinite romantic mood


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