Grey Ceramic Tile

1.Product Description Glazed polished tile is more colorful than the polished tile, and the degree of simulation is high. Glazed polished tile is combining the advantages of the antique and polished tiles. It’s polishing the tile surface on the basis of the glazed tile. The Advantages of glazed...

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Product Details

1.Grey tile Description

Name: Grey ceramic tile

Tile type: floor tiles

Material: Porcelain

Size(mm): 600x600mm



1. Absorbing and venting is made by the process of polishing tiles. There is no gap. Therefore, it can be used for long-lasting light, no fading, hard and wear-resistant. In addition, the fully polished glazed tiles are decorated with excellent gas permeability and good water absorption. Compared with other natural materials, the texture is safe and stable.

2, material with full glazed tile glazed texture rich, all kinds of decoration styles can be perfectly matched, and the texture is natural, there are many varieties of styles,it is more environmentally friendly and has less relative radiation than polished tile

Compared with full glaze tile and the polished tile
1.the texture of the polished tile is larger, it cannot show the elaborate texture, as a result of its texture is formed of stone grain crystal, encompasses a sturdy three-dimensional sense; and therefore the texture of the complete polished glazed tile will be as little as a needle thread, it's made of stone texture, the surface is written, which might be additional delicate and made.

2.the color, polished tile surface doesn't have abundant distinction in every color, the colour transition is natural; and therefore the full polished glaze tile is totally different, identical tile will accommodate a spread of various colours, fully freelance of color, terribly bright.

4. sharpening tile is formed by infiltrating the colour into the inside of the tile. It will be determined from the facet. the colour of the brick at 1-2mm below the surface is that the same because the surface; the colour of the complete glaze tile On the opposite hand, its colour doesn't penetrate into the inside of the brick body in the least, and solely forms a awfully skinny color layer on the surface, which might be seen from the facet of the brick body.

5.Flatness, The surface of the polished glaze tile is analogous thereto of the glass glaze. The brightness is more than that of the polished tiles. The surface of the polished tiles appearance blandish. as compared, the surface of the polished glaze encompasses a bound ripple.

grey ceramic tile (1)

grey ceramic tile (2)

2.Tile Factory

tile flooring

grey tile

3.Our Advantages

1. High Quality:

----AAA grade, first choice. Our products are strictly follow the ISO quality system. It passes and even exceed the national and international standard.

 2. Completive Price:

----We have our own factory based .With 5 production lines, daily out put can reach around 50000 SQM. So we can give customers the very best prices. Depends on required qty, discount available.

3. 12 Year Experience:

----We have manufactured and exported different tile for more than 12 years. Our products can meet kinds of import requirement from different countries.


4. Modern Fashion design:

----simple & fashion color will be the best choice for modern home decoration.

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