Dark Ceramic Tile

1 Product parameter --Type: Dark ceramic tile --Size: 600x600mm --Material: Porcelain --Water absorption rate: 0.5% --Application Space: interior floor and wall Technical features: The series of dark ceramic tile using innovative production technology, using such as raw materials, jade pure,...

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Product Details

1. Dark ceramic tile parameter

--Type: Dark ceramic tile

--Size: 600x600mm 24x24 ceramic tile

--Material: porcelain ceramic tile

--Water absorption rate: 0.5%

--Application Space: interior floor and wall


Tile ceramic Technical features:

The series of dark ceramic tile using innovative production technology, using such as raw materials, jade

pure, using computer more pipelines from tile color cloth, texture, light feeling, all aspects of

design, create perfect create beautiful and elegant noble generous adornment effect.

Production process by computer monitoring and guarantee quality from the top to the aesthetic



dark ceramic tile Advantages

1.Brightness surface just like a mirror

2.flatness surface, feel comfortable when you touch it, no defects when you look at it very clearly

3.our factory adopted advanced printing tech and use the internet to copy the natural stone texture. colors  4.and patterns are vary from each other .all kind of designs symbolize the decoration fashion

5.each product has to sharpen their edge finely, thus, the size for each is very accurate, easy for paving

6.high quality with competitive price

 dark ceramic tile

24x24 ceramic tile

discount ceramic floor tile

porcelain ceramic tile

tile ceramic

ceramic tile warehouse


2. Which one is good? Glazed polished tile or microcrystalline ceramic tile?

One. What is microcrystalline ceramic tile?

The microcrystalline is a relatively natural inorganic material. It has a smooth and clean surface, clear and elegant texture, soft and lustrous color, hard and delicate texture, no water absorption and pollution prevention. Acid and alkali resistant to weathering, environmental protection, no radioactive poisoning. These excellent physical and chemical properties are unmatched by natural stone. Various types of tiles and arc-shaped plates of different colors can be used for the construction and decoration of the interior and exterior walls, floors, columns, countertops and furniture decoration of the building.

Second, what is the glazed polished tile

Glazed polished tile is a tile product that combines the advantages of polished tile and antique tile. Its glaze is as smooth and bright as polished tiles, and the pattern is rich like antique tiles. Beautiful, and its environmental protection and energy saving, natural texture and long service life.

Third, the difference between two

The difference between them is that the glazed polished tile and microcrystalline ceramic tiles are very good, the glazed polished tile is now used in home decoration, the color is more abundant, and the anti-slip effect is very good, but the grade of microcrystalline ceramic tile is higher. The large-area living room is more luxurious. The texture is clear and the flower shape is more solid. Pay attention to maintenance. The difference between high-crystallization of microcrystalline tile and full polished glaze is not great. As long as the surface protection is done during the construction process, it is very wear-resistant during the later use, especially for household use, it is difficult to have high frequency and high strength. The friction is not a serious problem even if it is used for a long time. If you do have a slight scratch, use a toothpaste and a toothbrush and wipe it gently to remove



Q1. Can I get a sample first? And how does it charge?

A2. Yes, free sample is available with freight collect or prepaid.


Q2. How do you ensure the quality of products?

A3. QC of the factory check the quality when producing the tile. The QC team from export department will check the quality again before loading. And the High solution detailed photos would be sent to you.


Q3. How about your payment terms?

T/T (30% deposit, the balance need to be paid off before loading)L/C


Q4. When can you deliver the goods?

A3. If stock available, we can deliver it within 7 days. If not, that would be 15-20 days after getting the deposit.


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