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1.Ceramic tile parameter

Tile type

Cream ceramic tile

Water Absorption







Available all told styles and colours

Surface treatment

Glazed surface


Acid-Resistant, bactericide, Heat   Insulation, Non-Slip, Wear-Resistant, Anti-fouling simple to wash


by customary exportable carton box with/without picket pallet, consistent with customers' demand


This is a glazed polished ceramic ware tile that appears and touches 100% like natural marble stone. It possesses real stone’s crude surface and natural lines. Compared to real stone, it's not less sturdy, not less enduring, however so much less expansive. Besides, it's even a lot of environmental-protective, a lot of pressure-resistant, and has a lot of selection of colors. With the properties of Low water-absorption, Acid-Resistant, bactericide, Non-Slip, and Wear-Resistant, this marble tile look tile is capable to interchange natural stone to be the simplest selection for natural feeling interior decoration, public sq., building hobby, store, territory and building’s exterior wall.


Unique design

Our style heterogeneous and combined with ancient ceramics technology and fashionable technology.  

Quality products

Domestic and international top quality product.


Our tiles is sweet for house use, hotel ,school , hospital , bar ,cafe bar ,restaurant ,dining area ,bedroom, room area and bathroom ,big project etc. It's smart for house flooring, super market, store, warehouse flooring etc.

beige ceramic tile

beige ceramic tile bathroom

ceramic tiles

cream tile floor

floor tiles ceramic

beige tile bathroom


White Marble Ceramic Tile White Ceramic Floor Tile Ceramic Bathroom Tile Colors 1

  White marble ceramic tile           White ceramic floor tile          Ceramic floor tile colors

Bathroom Ceramic Floor Tile Red Ceramic Tile Black Mirror Quartz Floor Tile For Bathroom

  Bathroom ceramic floor tile                  Red ceramic tile                           Black floor tile

3. Buying skills of polished glazed tile

1.Check the regularity of the tile

The distinction between the dimensions of the tile of constant specification isn't any quite a pair of millimeter. Also, listen as to if the tile is flat or not, and also the thickness is uniform or not.

2, to confirm the water riveting

the full glaze is that the ancient polished brick through the glazing method, so secondary sprucing to induce the merchandise. Therefore, once testing the water absorption of the totally polished glazed tile, atiny low quantity of water is poured on the rear of the tile and allowed to face for ten minutes. If the water droplets don't diffuse and infiltrate, it proves that the water absorption rate is low, the tile is tight, and also the quality of the tile is sweet. it's qualified. Full polished glazed tile purchase tips

3, check the damage resistance of ceramic tiles

Some inferior glazed surface wear resistance is incredibly poor, it's straightforward to seem scratches and even cracks. Therefore, customers ought to check the hardness of the tile once choosing the total glaze, and scrape the glazed tile with sharp objects.

4.Tile Certification

cream ceramic tile

5.Our Service

1. made products: we will supply ceramic tile, carpet and alternative class across the indoor to out of doors, meet customers' varied wants.
2. Low Minimum amount :meet the demand of individual to wholesalers procurance.
3. sturdy production capability, guarantee delivery speed.
4. settle for OEM: will satisfy the stress of your temperament. OEM Service
5. sturdy team strength :has a style team and R&D team.
6. Have their own forwarder company: packing the products security, transportation, timeliness, freight, etc all have benefits.
7. long technical support: product quality assurance system, providing guarantee quality issues properly.
8. Service: offer twenty four hours on-line service. Friendly and accountable, regardless of before or once cooperation.

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