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1.Product Description . Surface: Rustic tiles, Matt finished, .Type: Toilet floor tiles .Size: 600x600mm floor tile .Thickness: 9.8mm .Surface: Matt . Water absorption:0.5% . Packaging: 4 Plastic corner protector ,Cartoon with wooden pallets . Certification: ISO9001, SGS, .Lead time: if no stock...

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Product Details

1.Product Description

. Surface: Rustic tiles, Matt finished,

.Type: Toilet floor tiles

.Size: 600x600mm floor tile

.Thickness: 9.8mm

.Surface: Matt

. Water absorption:0.5%

. Packaging: 4 Plastic corner protector ,Cartoon with wooden pallets

. Certification: ISO9001, SGS, 

.Lead time: if no stock in warehouse , need to produce. Usually 15-20 days 


Rustic toilet porcelain floor tile, concrete floor tiles from Foshan

Rustic floor tiles are application to interior space of shopping malls, hotels and office buildings, creating a special generous and grand decoration style. With its large size. Rustic toilet floor tiles can greatly reduce the area for cementing. And with its advantages in high hardness, long service life, resistance to moisture, non-flammability, resistance to heat, it is a good material used to replace the traditional clad plates, with stable characteristics for long terms. The resistance to doodle, dust and ash makes antique floor tiles show its perfect appearance and colorfast figure.


2. Feature and advantages

1) Skid resistance.

The matt surface with higher friction coefficient than polished tiles, can be avoided slipping even some water on tiles.

2) Easy to clean.

Thanks to a layer of glazed on the surface of rustic tile, stains like coffee and oils could be accessible for cleaning.

3) Environmental protection.

Matt finish reduces the interference of light refraction to make the space accord with the health living standard.

4) More expressive.

with the most performance strength in the spatial design.


3.Product Details

toilet floor tiles (2).jpg

toilet floor tiles (3).jpg

toilet floor tiles (7).jpg


toilet floor tiles (6).JPG

toilet floor tiles (1).JPG

4.Quality control

toilet floor tile  (3).jpg

                                  Hardness Test                                         Scratch-Resistant Test

toilet floor tile  (2).jpg

                                    Thickness Test                                             Anti-pollution Test

toilet floor tile  (1).jpg

                                       Flatness Test                                             Water Absorption Test


5. The bathroom tile purchase points

1, tile texture

The texture density of the floor tiles. The choice of bathroom tiles is also required for the density and texture of the tiles themselves. When purchasing tiles, pay attention to whether bathroom tiles are flat and natural, and observe whether there are different pinholes, etc. These are the criteria for judging the quality of the tiles.

2, tile glaze

The degree of glazing of the tile surface. The easiest way to determine the degree of glazing of a tile is to observe the thickness of the glaze on the tile surface. Generally, the glazed layer of the tile is more practical, and it is not easy to accumulate dirt and is easy to clean. Therefore, when choosing a bathroom tile, choose a thicker glaze tile.

3, tiles water absorption rate

The water absorption rate of the ceramic tiles, this is the first thing to pay attention to when choosing a bathroom tile. In general, the higher the quality of the tiles, the lower the water absorption, and such tiles can make the ground water dry faster.




6. Our Services

1.We have own factory, your order can be arranged and then loading ASAP.

2.Paypal payment can be accepted.

3.Originalequipment manufacturer(OEM) service can be offered.

4.As quality standard confirmed, we can offer product sample for free.

5.Our most superior after-sales service:

a. When the goods was extracted, we will consult the goods satisfaction of customer.

b. Aim to gain the customer satisfaction. we will visit customers regularly, if they have any problem of our goods paving or quality control, we can answer and solve immediately.

c. When we receiving the customer's urgent phone call, we will take action immediately to stabilize the customer emotion.

d, We will try our best to solve the problem for our customer, would not evading the customer.


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